Happy New Year 2014 – Thank You!

Happy New Year 2014 from Galveston Dentist, Shoreline Dentistry

Happy New Year in 2014 from all of us at Shoreline Dentistry! We appreciate all of you for a great year in 2013 and are looking forward to this year! We look forward to serving more of your dental needs. As always, feel free to call us with any questions at 409-762-4488.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our office, we are a general and cosmetic dental practice located in Galveston, Texas. We have an in-house dental lab, which give us more control over our dental restorations. We provide Orthodontic care as well.

Dr. James Blankenship has been a dentist for over 20 years and is focused on a comfortable dental experience for all patients. From the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you leave. It is our goal to ensure that our patients are satisfied with every aspect of their dental visit. We have a friendly, skilled staff and we enjoy what we do. We welcome you to our practice. Come see us!

What You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy at Shoreline Dentistry in Galveston, TXLosing a tooth does not only affect how you look, but it also affects the mechanical aspects of your mouth as well. If you are experiencing pain in a tooth, your gums or jaw, you may be in need of a root canal. If the problem persists and isn’t taken care of, you might just lose a tooth and experience other related issues.

Inside the tooth, there is a pulp that runs like a thread going down to the root. This pulp is the source of nutrients for the tooth, as well as the passageway for the nerves. When there is damage to the tooth such as decay or cracking, infection is likely to happen. To treat the infection, and for the affected tooth to be saved, a treatment of choice among dentists is root canal therapy. This is done by the dentist by drilling into the pulp chamber, removing the pulp and nerves. Afterwards, the root canal is filled with inert materials and sealed. A crown is then placed over the tooth to make it stronger.

Root canal therapy is a procedure that can be done in just a few hours, depending on the affected tooth. It can be painless since the dentist will usually use a local anesthetic while performing the procedure. However, there are instances wherein pain can be felt such as when there is a severe abscess in the affected tooth. There is little to no discomfort after root canal therapy, with only about one to three visits to the dentist.

There are several reasons root canal therapy is a preferred treatment for a diseased tooth. Aside from saving the tooth, it is also a safe procedure. With proper oral care, the treated tooth can last for a lifetime. Regular visits to the dentist are necessary so your tooth can be watched and your dental health can be properly maintained.

Please call us at 409-762-4488 to schedule your dental appointment. Don’t hesitate to call if you feel any discomfort; to prevent further damage and pain. If you are not currently on a regular hygiene schedule, make a call today. Keeping your mouth healthy can keep more than your mouth healthy, but can help keep your body healthy as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures that are aimed at giving an individual’s teeth a positive change as well as restoring his or her smile. People have different reasons for having cosmetic dentistry but this procedure is popular among most individuals who know the importance of having an attractive appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry is very beneficial to the looks and health of a patient, and this may explain why more and more people are undergoing the procedure. It can help reverse the natural aging process of an individual’s teeth and in so doing bring back that desired smile.

The benefits of cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Replacing missing or broken teeth
  • Fix structural and cosmetic flaws in teeth
  • Helps restore one’s self-esteem and confidence by making him or her feel more attractive
  • Fix wide gaps in your teeth
  • Brightens teeth
  • Can improve jawline and the overall appearance of your face

If you have any questions about the cosmetic dental services we provide at our Galveston dental office, Shoreline Dentistry, please call us at 409-762-4488. Click HERE to learn more about what cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide.

Dentures Need Proper Care Too!

Proper care for your dentures is similar to caring for real teeth. They require routine brushing to remove food particles, prevent permanent stains and remove plaque. Brush with a soft-bristled brush once a day; rinse well after each meal.

Always put water or a soft barrier in the sink before removing your dentures. This will help you to avoid something called Murphy’s Law. Dropping dentures onto a hard surface can result in costly damage.

Denture cleaners, mild toothpastes (dentist recommended), hand soaps and dishwashing liquids work equally well. It’s best to avoid bleaches; they lighten the pink areas along with the white. Ultrasonic cleaning works to a degree but doesn’t take the place of brushing.

When not being worn, keep them in water or a dental solution recommended by your dentist. Hot water and drying out can cause warping. Also, be sure to keep them out of reach if you don’t want Fido turning your dentures into a chew toy.

If you have questions about cleaning your dentures, or you need denture maintenance, adjustment, repair, or you need dentures, please call us at 409-762-4488. We look forward to hearing from you!

Brushing and Flossing Regularly Can Save Your Life

Chances are that, even as you read this, you already appreciate the necessity of dental hygiene. Like most people, this could be prompted by the dread of making a painful visit to your dentist. However, what you may not realize is that brushing and flossing regularly can save your life. This is because the state of your mouth affects your overall health, not just your teeth and gums.

Studies have shown that regular flossing and brushing reduces the risk of gum diseases. These diseases lead to inflammation in your mouth, which can easily spread throughout your body. Such an occurrence triggers the release of chemicals that cause heart disease. Moreover, if the bacteria in your mouth get in the bloodstream through your gums, they may combine with blood platelets to create blood clots. If such clots reach your heart, they can cause a heart attack even if you are fit and healthy. In view of this, brushing and flossing regularly can save your life by preventing heart problems.

The Benefits of Invisalign

If you are considering Invisalign, there are a number of great reasons to choose it over traditional braces. Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Clear trays that are virtually undetectable
  • You can eat any type of food you want
  • The trays are removable at any time
  • Easily brush and floss your teeth the same way you would without braces
  • Smooth, comfortable plastic trays that are less likely to cut or irritate the tissue in your mouth
  • Fewer dental office visits

Invisalign is the clear solution to straightening your teeth, improving your smile, and any other minor cosmetic work, without having to worry about the pain and metal on your teeth.

The Symptoms of a Root Canal

If you haven’t been to your regular dental checkup and suspect you have some issues going on, you should see your dentist right away. You could end up needing a root canal, which nobody wants to deal with. Some symptoms you might need a root canal include:

  • Sensitivity
  • If your tooth has slight pain when you drink or eat hot or cold foods, this is one of the big symptoms of needing a root canal. Your tooth may also be sensitive when you eat or drink anything, just because of the pressure that is put on it.

  • Pain
  • If you feel pain that is unbearable and won’t go away; go and see your dentist. There is no reason to suffer when your dentist can easily perform a root canal and prescribe you with the required medication. You may also see a pimple or bubble near the tooth that is full of puss, which will require attention immediately.

    Taking care of the problem before it gets any worse can mean avoiding an extraction or a lot more pain. Call our Galveston dental office at 409-762-4488 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving your dental needs.

Benefits of getting white dental fillings in your mouth

Getting cavities filled is essential if you want to avoid the unfortunate treatment of a root canal or tooth extraction. Not only are fillings quick and easy, they are also painless! Now that white dental fillings are readily available at dental offices, you can enjoy all the benefits of them, which include:

  1. Appearance
  2. White fillings don’t look any different than your regular teeth do. This means that nobody will know you have a dental filling when you yawn or open your mouth up wide!

  3. Durability
  4. White fillings stay the same size no matter what hot or cold things are in your mouth. This isn’t the case with metal fillings, which expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. The composite fillings will bond in with your tooth so they become one with it and won’t run the risk of falling out.

  5. Health
  6. These types of fillings are actually healthier than metal, especially when considering how long they are inside of your mouth.

    Call us at 409-762-4488 to schedule your dental appointment. We are located in Galveston, Texas and have a great view of the seawall and ocean from our dental chairs. Come experience a comfortable dental visit!

Porcelain Veneers Can Make A Great Difference

No matter if your cosmetic flaws are minor or extensive, porcelain veneers offer you an ideal solution. They are a wonderful way to correct stained or chipped teeth, brighten and revamp your smile. Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are affixed to the front of teeth with the help of dental bonding solution.

Porcelain veneers provide an effective solution for a variety of cosmetic dental problems, including heavy permanent stains, chipped or pitted teeth, disproportionate teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and cracked teeth. In some cases, veneers can work as ‘instant orthodontics’ to visually correct rotated teeth which are placed at wrong angles.

Applying porcelain veneers is an painless process and an experienced dentist can perform it safely and effectively. The natural shade or color of thin porcelain veneers make them virtually undetectable. For strength and appearance, ceramic veneers resemble healthy, natural teeth. Also referred to as “face lift” for your teeth, porcelain veneers can make a great difference to your smile.

Please call our Galveston dental office at 409-762-4488 to schedule your dental appointment, or if you have any questions regarding porcelain veneers.