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Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures

What are cosmetic dentures?

Cosmetic Dentist Galveston

Due to the inevitable loss of teeth that usually comes later on in life, cosmetic dentures are a common alternative recommended by dentists. Cosmetic dentures consist of a full set of acrylic-based artificial teeth that appear natural and white, mimicking a person's real teeth appearance. Should your dentist decide that it is time to have dentures, some of your remaining teeth will have to be extracted in order to accommodate a proper fitting for your dentures.

What are benefits of wearing dentures?

In addition to preventing your face from sagging (due to an empty oral cavity), cosmetic dentures boost one's confidence while interacting with others. Bonding gels and denture creams hold these dentures in place and at the same time sooth your gums. Oral health is also significantly improved both among the adult and younger ones who wear cosmetic dentures. These dental replacements are very good alternatives to having false teeth installed one by one in your oral cavity.

How do I care for my dentures?

Take your dentures out in the morning and in the evening for a good brushing. Storage includes putting your dentures inside a glass of cold water in order to maintain cleanliness in terms of its appearance. This cold water may also be mixed with cleaning tablets that dissolve in water to aid in getting rid of denture stains and bacteria.

No matter what age group you belong in, tooth decay and aging pose as real threats to having a complete set of teeth. If your dentist advices you to get cosmetic dentures, schedule a fitting as soon as possible in order for you to go back to your normal routine of eating, talking, and smiling the confident, natural way.


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